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Population Statistics of Other Countries


Following the second world war, countries in South-east Asia found that they saw a massive explosion in birth population rates. This occurred as a result of the end of the war, and is known as the baby boom. We see this all over the world from Europe, to Asia and North America. What this means is that within the next 50 years we may see an explosion in the elderly populations of the world. Now what this means is that in the next couple decades we see an increase in the number of old people in the area. How exactly second world countries are prepared to deal with this is another question.

Indonesia is expected to see such an aggressive rise in the population of their elderly community. This is probably going to be most evident in larger cities such as Jakarta and Java. There is a rich history of the treatment of elderly people within the Indonesian culture. Indonesian culture is one where elderly people are known and treated as elders of the community. This environment can be easily structured to allow for professional caregivers for seniors at home The elderly are known to be high elders of the environment. It is important to see that as people age they grow in status within the community. Elderly people have the knowledge and experience to see what kind of mistakes people make. So children and adults alike look up to the elderly people. They tend to have strong knowledgeable backgrounds and as a result can provide strong support and guidance to others.

One of the most difficult elements of determining population statistics and trends in third world countries is that the population can be hard to estimate. Collecting data in third world countries is difficult because there tends to be very widely variant standards of living. Some people live nicely in amazing villas whereas others live in some of the most harsh, densely populated, urban environments. Indonesia has both lush verdant hillsides as well as aggressively depressed slums.

Unfortunately many people are not able to live comfortable lives, don’t have access to clean drinking water or proper education nor loving caregivers. This makes it difficult to see whether older aged people are living in comfortable circumstances.

Welcome To My Life Here

Hello everyone, and welcome to my website! My name is Sevgitr and I am from Serbia.  I haven’t been here for very long so I thought I would start a website to let everyone know about my life here and the differences between here and Serbia.  So far it’s been amazing.  I have met some pretty awesome people and tried many new things.  One reason my family and I came here is because I have older grandparents and they need better medical help for their conditions.  We also have to find someone to help watch over them for when my family and I are not at the house.  I have just started university and my parents, their new jobs.  My father is an engineer and my mother is an accountant.  I will be studying pre-law to further my interest in helping people.


I hope that the difference in culture will not affect my grandparents too much.  They have always been my role models throughout my entire life.  I believe they will love it here.  The weather is a little cold but the environment is great and the medical help they are able to receive will be extremely beneficial.

So welcome and please come back for more!