Hello everyone, and welcome to my website! My name is Sevgitr and I am from Serbia.  I haven’t been here for very long so I thought I would start a website to let everyone know about my life here and the differences between here and Serbia.  So far it’s been amazing.  I have met some pretty awesome people and tried many new things.  One reason my family and I came here is because I have older grandparents and they need better medical help for their conditions.  We also have to find someone to help watch over them for when my family and I are not at the house.  I have just started university and my parents, their new jobs.  My father is an engineer and my mother is an accountant.  I will be studying pre-law to further my interest in helping people.


I hope that the difference in culture will not affect my grandparents too much.  They have always been my role models throughout my entire life.  I believe they will love it here.  The weather is a little cold but the environment is great and the medical help they are able to receive will be extremely beneficial.

So welcome and please come back for more!